Life Less Young

  My ode to musings over my lifespan… I am childhood running with long legs and bare feet, milking blooms from evening honeysuckle fragrant and sweet. I am the sound of cicadas a lullaby at nightfall. A bright twinkling star against a dark summer sky. I am restless and reshaping the age of adolescent pain! […]

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Faith Hope Love

“The path to love is often met with pebbles of fear, kick them down the road, do not linger, keep moving towards love, faith and hope are your companions.” _ Barbara Miller Faith, Hope, and Love are the Holy Trinity of care-giving. Faith to start the journey, hope to light the way and the greatest […]

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Embrace Mercy

Be Merciful, just as your Father is merciful. _ Luke 6:36 Regret is a vexatious enemy of the aging journey.  As Christians we  are taught that God “is rich in mercy” _ Ephesians 2:4. Mercy is both kind and gentle, the ability to extend mercy to oneself is extremely important to happier healthier aging. To […]

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