The Examined Life


Ah ha…

I am childhood running with long legs and bare feet plotting my escape beyond the city limits.

I am a dark summer night

a twinkling star

a wish and a wonder

a dream undetermined…

I am restless and reshaping the age of adolescent pain!

A rose in bloom, an unsettling sense of self, provoking attention unholy, both powerful, and, shamefaced.

I am Indian summer, girlhood in flight, my rite of passage into womenhood a sunrise not to celebrate.

I am women matured, a high tolerence for pain, so high the tolerence it injuried the gains.

Round and round and round I go falling into the holes I’ve know before.

I am now the age that bought about the change sidestepping the holes bone weary from the pain.

A new rite of passage is speeding ahead a one way ticket into the third age.

Pain left roots deep in my soul the change sprouted wings restoration claimed.

I am the splendor of the rose resurrected to full bloom and free from the pain of a life more young…

Barbara Miller