2019 The Year of My Best Intentions

My sister tells me I am now the matriarch. A friend refers to me as the ‘Keystone” (one who takes the lead). I refer to myself as my Mother’s Mother… our roles have reversed and believe me it is an intimidating and frightening reversal. She is still the ‘leader of the band” but time has slowed her march. The baton has been passed to me. It is a calling I approached with love and compassion but it is nevertheless often terrifying and unsettling. My siblings and I have made a pact “no nursing home” however as the confusion of memory grows dimmer I know we will need to make tough decisions. She is our first love the one who stayed when our father said goodbye, the one who stuck it out through the emptiness of a father in flight.

“I was born for a time such as this.” I join the tribe of daughters honoring and nurturing their mothers through the fear of everything. To live long enough to enter into the place where all of life is viewed as suspicious is a scary place to reside. I have a list of intentions for 2019 one is to practice the mindfulness of letting go in the hopes that if my mind lives long enough to reside in a much older body I will not take grief and regret with me  as companions. And so I turn my life over to Divine Wisdom, God knows all I have experienced from the very beginning of my life the things I still hold with sadness and regret and need to release. From this day forward I am an open and willing vessel ready to receive the very best within my mind, my heart, my body temple and my life.


2019 All things are becoming new!

God Blesses Always

6 thoughts on “2019 The Year of My Best Intentions

    1. Yes Tonya I have a front seat to what the ravages of unreleased sadness and grief does to the aging mind. I am learning so much as my mothers carer. We are works in process but we’ve learned better than what the ancestors had access to… Release with Mercy and kindness to yourself 🙏🏾


    2. Your heart is pure and sincere. A daughter every mother dreams of.
      Alzheimer’s is avoidable for our generation if we listen and share the truth. I also watched as my father slipped away. Then I became angry because the truth of reversal was kept hidden. I am here to spread the knowledge of Dr Bale Bredesen’s ReCODE Protocol all over the world to End the Alzheimer’s Epidemic.
      Join me on this journey and save yourself and your loved ones and the world!

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  1. Well said, dear friend. Continue to fill your cup, and allow the overflow to nuture and sustain you, and those around you. You will find perfect peace in this surrender. Peace and Blessings to you as you continue this journey of love and life.

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