The Magic of Christmas

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ”
― Norman Vincent Peale

The year has moved quickly — as all years do — and now the month of sharing, and gratitude in the form of gift giving is again almost upon us. Christmas is that time of the year when we are engaged in the hustle and bustle of shopping an getting together with family and friends. However, everyone is not engaged in merriment, for many the  occasion is marked by the loss of someone they loved and cherished. Take heart beloved and acknowledge the loss by celebrating the life of the one you loved and miss. Cook the dish or bake the cake or pie that made the holiday special. I am blessed in that my mother is still with me. She was an excellent cook but does not bake anymore. This Christmas I have taken up the art of baking mother’s near famous egg custard pie. This pie is one of the more comforting memories from my childhood. It was a fragrance that filled our small home with the aroma of baking pie crust and nutmeg. My mothers pie was also a community favorite and Sunday staple that graced the table of many families not only at Christmas but throughout the year. My mother cannot remember now why or when she started to make egg custard pies. I did some research and learned that the egg custard pie is actually a medieval recipe. She laughs at this sharing the history of the egg custard pie with my mother was a source of amusement for her but the fact that I am carrying on the tradition of baking her beloved pie has been a source of comfort for her. For those of you that have lost a parent through transition  I pray that during this Christmas season you focus not on the loss, but rather on the precious legacy left behind. Try to spread cheer to other family members who maybe experiencing the same sadness as you.

Start a family tradition to celebrate your loved one,  Don’t have one? Try starting a new tradition such as helping to prepare Christmas dinner at a homeless shelter or visit older adults who are sick or shut in with no family to call their own. Visit a nursing or assisted living home and read to a resident. Christmas is the perfect time to put self aside and soften your heart to the wonder of sharing your blessed life with someone else.

 Give thanks for the time together on Earth with the living, because you still have time to make softer, more beautiful memories. And, give thanks for those who have transitioned, because truly, their spirit will live on in your gratitude.

Peace Be The Journey

4 thoughts on “The Magic of Christmas

  1. Thank you so much for this. It’s my second Christmas without my father. I’ve been trying to embrace Christmas more this year because I know how much he loved it. This is an excellent post to help me remember to seek oppprtunities to honor his legacy! ❤️

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