Embrace Mercy

Be Merciful, just as your Father is merciful. _ Luke 6:36

Regret is a vexatious enemy of the aging journey.  As Christians we  are taught that God “is rich in mercy” _ Ephesians 2:4. Mercy is both kind and gentle, the ability to extend mercy to oneself is extremely important to happier healthier aging. To embrace mercy is to open your heart to yourself, to forgive yourself as you have forgiven others. As Christians we are taught that “God is good to all, and his tender mercies are over all his works.” Mercy and compassion are mention throughout the bible because they are major promises from God. To be clear mercy does not take away the things that we harbor regret for. What it does is allows us the opportunity to accept forgiveness and move forward. If an amends need to be made make it and move on. Do not linger in a past you cannot change but rather go forward with a renew spirit for good. Goodness and Mercy has followed you over the lifespan, Psalm 23 tells us so. Don’t run from mercy stay in step with God’s promise, embrace it, open your heart an mind to the new mercies that rise up to greet you with the rising of the sun.

Peace Be The Journey

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